Simply Savannah


Juju F1 (A1S) produced here from Kitty (A bengal we no longer have) and Max.  Juju is a fantastic mom and loves to have babies.

She gives skull breaking affectionate head butts and is an absolute joy...she is a little on the "thick" side but what can I say, she takes after her mama.

Juju makes beautiful babies for us with either Mojo or Zazi with the largest of her offspring to date being a 29 pound male at 11 months of age.

Kenya our 75% F1 Savannah (A1S) was our first Savannah and the reason we started breeding Savannah Cats.

She produces our 87.5% Savannah's along with some help from Max.  Kenya has the softest coat you could ever imagine.  We are very fortunate to have her.